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Other IT Services

Hosted Services

Get cutting-edge technology without the high fees of your own internal exchange server. Exchange hosting gives businesses of all sizes reliable, innovative tools for information sharing, and offers flexibility and connectivity for your specific business needs. You get easy group messaging, shared calendars and public folders, and ways to improve your company’s teamwork efforts and deliver immediate efficiency.

Be proactive. Shield your email and network. Keep viruses out, email clean, and threats away from your valuable network assets.

Leaving your business vulnerable to attacks can negotiate your system’s security, create chaos and put a halt on business as usual. We shield your network from viruses, worms and inappropriate content before they do harm to your users, critical systems and data. Our anti-virus solutions cover desktops, file servers, e-mail servers and Internet gateways to remote devices.

Spam is not just a nuisance; it’s a threat. It can compromise security, cut productivity for your employees, and drain network resources. Our anti-spam solutions filter spam and protect your users from the latest scams that get in the way of your business.

One very secure home for your data means a good night’s sleep. Our full, on-site data center takes significant measures to ensure complete security and integrity of your network’s critical business information,  including webhosting, collocation, and other hosting services

Securely access your e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes anytime, anywhere. Our wireless hosting services synchronize with your exchange hosting account, allowing you to increase your productivity by staying connected to critical information when you’re on the go. Send and receive e-mails and attachments, schedule meetings and appointments in your calendar and access your address book – all from your handheld device.

Remote Backup

In-house backup plans often overlook elements of true security, including the fact that the data is kept within your own walls. Managing your own backup and recovery can also be expensive, including the cost of software and equipment, hiring trained employees to handle the processes, and time. We provide outside professional technology resources and quality, up-to-date security at a fraction of an in-house cost.


Your business moves only as fast as your communications systems allow. To compete effectively, businesses rely on mobile phones, computers, PDAs, video conferencing, voicemail, instant messaging, and e-mail to accelerate communication and collaboration. When your headquartered, mobile, and remote workforces are connected using a truly open IP-based communications platform, their productivity and satisfaction rise, operations become more efficient, and bonds with customers are strengthened.

Take your business to the next level. Significantly and cost effectively improve employee productivity by unifying wired, wireless and mobile devices to create a secure solution using the network as the platform to enhance competitive advantage. The Cisco Unified Communications solution maximizes your existing communication investment and business potential, helping your organization excel in today's fast-paced world ­giving you the power to continuously innovate and quickly adapt.