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Consulting Services


As you put your business on the web...

....are you finding that you are TOO LARGE not to have a CIO but too small to afford one?

Here’s a solution that could be a perfect fit – Ask Dave!

Dave Pyron, founder of Pyron Technologies, will provide you with two key services – strategic IT planning and CIO oversight for key IT projects. By providing both strategic direction and project leadership, you will be able to solve immediate problems, plan with the right IT strategies in mind, and make tactical decisions that will keep you heading in the right direction.

Don’t worry about it costing a fortune to obtain the right advice. Ask Dave!


....or, maybe you are you finding that your team is just not keeping up with the fast pace of the web.

 Here are quite a few solutions that could be a better fit!

Do you want to use the latest ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence software but don’t know where to start?  Our team of experts can streamline the vendor selection process so that you don’t get caught up in unnecessary detail. 

Wanting to build a loyalty program using social networking sites as the means to build a community that can be accessed via text messaging?  We have a team of marketing professionals who know how to build this - quickly - using the latest social network and SMS technologies.

 Do you want to enable your website with specific capabilities like a news feed, calendar, blog, or anything else that a designer cannot provide but is long overdue for your website?  No problem – SuiteFin is our technology platform that can handle all this and more.

Tired of paying full price for your IT guy to monitor your servers, systems and network?  No worries – our Armornet services can provide you with a level of confidence that you have a reasonable price/performance ratio.

It’s time to focus on getting your business onto the web.  It’s time to rely on the IT professionals at Pyron Technologies.